QR codes to mix with mobile payments in the UK

Smartphone scanning QR codes

Barclays to bring QR codes into the mobile payments scene

British banking and financial services giant Barclays has been showing aggressive interest in the realm of mobile payments. The organization has taken note of the changing needs of consumers, which are becoming more pronounced as more people become heavily reliant on smartphones and tablets. In recent years, Barclays has partnered with several other organizations to break into the mobile payments sector. Now, the firm has plans to introduce QR codes into its mobile payments plans.

Codes begin moving beyond marketing

QR codes are not typically associated with mobile commerce. These unassuming black and white codes are most often used as marketing tools. The codes can be scanned by smartphones and tablets and allow consumers to gain access to some form of digital content. Most QR codes direct to mobile websites or provide information concerning certain products and special offers. The codes have recently been gaining more attention for their abilities to make mobile payments more convenient for consumers.

Smartphone scanning QR codesBarclays to launch new Buyit service

The convenience factor is one of the reasons Barclays has begun to embrace QR codes. The firm is planning to launch a new service that it called Buyit. This service will leverage QR codes in magazines, billboards, and other mediums to encourage consumers to make a mobile purchase. Once the codes are scanned, consumers can purchase the product that is being advertised alongside the code. Barclays suggests that once a purchase is made, the product will be delivered in no more than two business days.

QR codes help establish pop-up store strend

QR codes are becoming a popular mobile payments tool around the world. These codes have lead to the emergence of so called “pop-up” stores, which can literally be located anywhere. In place of physical products, these stores are stocked only with QR codes and pictures of products. The codes are scanned to initiate a sale and the retailer responsible for these pop-up stores delivers the products directly to the consumer’s home shortly after a purchase is made.

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