QR codes to make bike rental easy for G20 summit visitors in Hangzhou

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The city has been making efforts to simplify transportation for English speakers, including the use of quick response codes.

The G20 summit next September is going to be held in Hangzhou, China, and that city has been going to great lengths to help to make sure English speaking visitors will be able to get around with convenience, including by using QR codes as a kind of universal language.

In this instance, the quick response codes will be used to help visitors to rent bikes more easily.

The QR codes will be used so that, regardless of what language the individual happens to speak, it will be possible to scan the barcode with a smartphone or tablet. Once the barcode is scanned, the device is automatically directed to a mobile friendly website which provides instructions in the language of choice for that individual. This will help visitors to be able to rent bicycles and see the city more easily and conveniently.

Aside from the QR codes, the city will also be adding 10,000 public bikes to its sizeable bike rental system.

qr codes thumbThis will significantly boost the number of bikes that can be rented by way of a QRcode scan. These will be available at any of the total of 84 different bike rental stations that will be spread out throughout the city. Hangzhou representatives have said that all of those bike rental stations will be fully equipped and operational – including their quick response codes – by the time the G20 summit is underway in September 2016.

The idea for this new service was borrowed from a similar one that is already operational in another Chinese city called Wuzhen. That canal town is not far from Jiaxing city. Another similar system has also been brought into the scenic Qiandao Lake region that is to the west of Hangzhou.

In those two areas, approximately 80 percent of the public bicycles can be rented by visitors and locals, alike, through the scanning of QR codes. The programs have already proven to be quite appealing and popular and have made the option an attractive one for Hangzhou in order to allow it to better serve residents as well as the visitors that are expected throughout the summit.

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