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The barcodes will be implemented at a Dallas eWomen conference trade show exhibitor booth.

Fiitfu CRM Solutions Inc. has announced that the team members it is sending to the eWomen conference to work their trade show exhibitor booth from July 11 through 15 will be using QR codes for the first time.

The conference will play host to more than 2000 business women from throughout North America.

It is an annual event that features various top public speakers and workshops. This will be the first time that Fiitfu will be in attendance at the conference. The reason that the QR codes are to be used is that they are hoping that the smartphone friendly barcodes will help them to achieve the maximum possible amount of exposure. This will help to inform the most people in attendance regarding what Fiitfu is and what it has to offer.

The event advertising and the staff shirts will both be featuring QR codes which can be scanned.

According to Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher of the company, “We have utilized QR codes on our advertisement for the event, as well our staff will have the QR codes on their shirts.” She explained that attendees who scan the barcodes with their smartphones will be directed to a “landing page that features a video of a cowboy talking about follow up and how he wants to be sure that his card isn’t lost in the shuffle of cards that you receive on a daily basis.”


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Though the video is designed to be entertaining, Fiitfu hopes that within the two minutes that it takes to view, a very strong message will be expressed. That message is that following up is one of the most vital elements of creating new business.

QR codes will also play a central role in a contest that the company will be running.

This will begin during the event, but will continue on afterward, occurring on a monthly basis for both existing and new customers. The July contest involves scanning the brand new barcode in order to opt in for a 30 day trial, which will then enter the individual’s name to win one of the prizes for the month.

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