QR codes to adorn Oklahoma medical licenses

QR Codes Used for Medical

QR Codes Used for MedicalMedical licenses in Oklahoma will be the first to feature QR codes

QR codes may be losing some grounds in some areas of marketing, but they are making up for it in the medical field. The codes are becoming increasingly common in hospitals and other medical care facilities because of their ability to provide access to concise health information for both patients and health care providers. The Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision has announced that it will be putting QR codes to use as on the medical licenses it issues to physicians and other professionals working in the state.

Codes to be used to provide information concerning health care professionals

Oklahoma has become the first state in the U.S. where QR codes are used on medical licenses. The codes will appear on all new licenses being issued in the state and medical professionals renewing their licenses will have a code attached automatically. These codes can be scanned with a mobile device or any  other device that is equipped to recognize QR codes. Scanning the codes provides access to a physician’s information, including education, medical specialty, and board certifications.

Marketers favor codes for information distribution

QR codes have become a valuable tool in terms of information distribution. In the field of marketing, the codes are often used for this purpose, but are also used to encourage consumers to participate in loyalty programs and offer consumers an assortment of discounts from local retailers. To this end, QR codes have been popular marketing tools for some time, but many marketers are beginning to move toward other technologies, such as augmented reality and NFC.

Codes could help raise information awareness among consumers

The Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision notes that its aim is to promote information awareness among state residents. Having access to a medical professional’s information may help residents make informed choices concerning their health care. QR codes are considered one of the easiest ways to promote awareness, as the information contained within the codes is very easily access by simple, free mobile applications.

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