QR codes that are invisible demoed by Fujitsu

QR codes on tv

The technology has been designed to provide an interactive television marketing experience.

This year, at CEATEC (the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies), Fujitsu made waves by introducing an all new form of invisible QR codes.

The demonstration included an explanation of how they will make television advertising interactive.

The interactive technology was developed by Fujitsu in order to use QR codes to provide viewers with a new form of second screen experience from their televisions. This makes it possible for advertisers to provide this second screen enhanced opportunity without any level of intrusion on the original first screen experience that would be able to continue on unaffected by that second screen.

The QR codes would be made of lights that are not visible to the human eye.

These QR codes would, however, be detectable by the camera feature of a smartphone or tablet. The quick response barcodes could be added to video streams in an invisible way. This makes it possible for them to be scannable, but without any impact on the actual video that is running on the screen at the time.

The barcodes would be, in essence, made up of invisible light. Fujitsu explained that the new technology that they have created would essentially allow brands to significantly enhance their mobile marketing on television. This is because they would be able to embed URLs, coupons, and other smartphone friendly experiences into commercials playing on television.

Consumers that use their devices to scan the QR codes on their television screens could then obtain additional information about brands, products, services, coupons, and other opportunities, or could go directly to an mcommerce website in order to make a purchase.

The QR codes are best scanned from a distance of between 2 and 3 meters away. The primary challenge that has been associated with this new cutting edge form of mobile marketing is that its success would be linked directly to awareness of the codes and how to use them. However, at the same time, the main strength is that it will allow for a viewing experience that is seamlessly integrated with the mobile channel.

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