QR codes taking important place in social media marketing

QR code social media

QR code social media

A wave of new mobile apps are starting to integrate Facebook, Twitter, and barcodes

Smartphone marketers are rapidly discovering the power of QR marketing are coming up with innovative new ways to integrate their use with the already recognized strength of the social networks.

For example, the Denso Wave Company based in Japan has just selected the QR Blaster app in order to generate the barcodes for Facebook. That application is already being used by many companies and individuals through its web based format, with 45 different options available which can be maintained or changed whenever the user likes.

QR codes were first invented by the Denso Wave Company in 1994 and they are now one of the two leading 2D barcodes.

Scanning has been increasing at an explosive rate and that has continued through 2012 to the present. According to the QR Blaster founder, Paul Vizard, “We were excited and flattered to be chosen for this project.” He added that “This is validation of our code generator flexibility and features. We anticipate further application development together in this explosive market.”

Similarly, GoPromotional has also used the technology in order to help with advertising in the gifts industry. It has provided a new mobile marketing app that will allow its clients to create and customize their codes and print them onto various forms of promotional merchandise.

The creation of the QR codes, themselves is available for free to be printed onto the promo materials.

The barcodes can resolve to virtually anything the business owners want, from providing basic contact information for their companies, links to a contest entry, a web URL to an informational site, landing page, catalog, etc, or even a short video.

The managing director of GoPromotional, Gareth Parkin, is quite keen about the potential available from using this technique. He stated that the use of smartphones has now moved beyond the tipping point, and it now represents most of the cell phones that are currently being used. Therefore, the unique ability of QR codes to be scanned by them provides an opportunity to clients that is simply unprecedented.


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