QR codes take on a hip new purpose through QRhacker

QRhacker - Unique QR Codes

QRhacker - Unique QR Codes

The new pro accounts have now been launched and will make the barcodes even cooler.

QRhacker believes that there was a time not too long ago that QR codes were much cooler than they have recently become, but now it is hoping to return the two dimensional mobile barcodes to their former glory.

It aims to remove the muddled mobile marketing reputation of these black and white squares.

QRhacker, a Hungarian startup company, is a service that is providing QR codes that have been highly customized for its clients. It has now announced the launch of pro accounts, which are meant to allow the businesses that have the codes generated to get more out of them once they’ve been produced.

The company has several different accounts to offer, depending on the customer’s QR codes needs.

The regular account, which provides companies with 25 QR codes per year, is $59 and is for commercial use. It provides a basic statistics package which allows scans to be plotted over time and provides details regarding the users’ locations and their mobile platforms.

However, the new accounts are $99 per year and allow companies to generate an unlimited number of QR codes and access statistics in real time. They will soon be adding an additional option to that package which will provide businesses with the option to edit the target URL that is linked to the barcodes.

The services at QRhacker are available for personal use at no cost. However, businesses must open one of the available accounts in order to take advantage of the additional benefits that the company has to offer. The additional options for businesses allow for much greater access to statistics as well as customization of the barcodes.

In fact, the QR codes for businesses can be drawn pixel by pixel, and the pixel roundness can also be set. Companies can opt to incorporate background images. The additional ability to carefully customize every aspect of the barcodes makes it possible to generate highly attractive, useable, and cool barcodes without becoming ugly or primitive in appearance as is the case among many other generator applications currently in existence.

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