QR codes take a central place in the Norfolk Food and Drink Festival

Norfolk Food and Drink Festival

Norfolk Food and Drink Festival

Launch of the mobile barcodes make it easier for smartphone users to find information.

The Norfolk Food and Drink Festival organizers for 2012 have decided to use QR codes to allow people with smartphones to obtain information about the various events in their area with greater ease and convenience.

These quick response codes can be rapidly scanned to give users detailed festival information.

Food lovers in the area need only give the QR codes a quick scan with their cell phones in order to obtain instant information about the latest news regarding the festival, information about specific events, and even discounts and promotions that are available at the various participating food and drink locations across the county.

The QR codes will be available throughout the entire length of the festival.

Norfolk County Council will be working with the EDP Adnams Norfolk Food and Drink Festival this year in order to hold the events and celebrations from Saturday, September 1, through until October 7. The six weeks long festival will end with the highly popular Aylsham Food Festival, which will span for three full days from October 5 through 7.


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Richard Woolliams, the chairman of the festival, explained the use of the QR codes by saying that they are hoping to provide as many people as possible with the information that they need regarding the activities, events, and promotions that are available to them throughout the 2012 festival. It is his wish that this effort will help to make this year’s festival the best one yet.

Woolliams explained that “The new QR code will allow food and drink lovers from Norfolk and beyond to get the latest festival news, find out about newly-added events, and take advantage of some special offers from our fantastic food and drink providers across the county.”

The QR codes will be located throughout the newly updated and upgraded website for the festival, as well as on a range of different promotional materials for the festival, and on the 50,000 beer mats for the Norfolk Food and Drink Festival that are being distributed at a broad range of locations throughout the county.

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