QR codes simplify the bill payment process

QR Codes

QR Codes

Smartphone and tablet owners now have a new way to pay their monthly expenses.

Sawnee EMC has announced that QR codes are now printed on each of its monthly billing statements to allow mobile consumers a more convenient way to make their payments.

Scanning the barcodes instantly directs the device user to the customer service portal.

Customers that choose to use their mobile device with the QR codes are linked to the customer service portal of the co-op website. According to the vice president of member services, Blake House, by adding this service, Sawnee EMC is giving its acknowledgement to the increasing penetration of smartphones among consumers.

House explained that ““We were getting comments like, ‘It sure would be nice to have a mobile link straight to the bill-pay website.’” Though he did state that he knows that the majority of the members don’t use their mobile devices to access their co-op information, he did add that “there are those who requested it, and will use it…plus it was easy to do.”


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When the customers used the QR codes to reach the portal, they now have many options available.

Those who scan the QR codes are able to pay their bills on the internet, but they can also have a look at detailed information regarding their energy use, and read about rebate programs and energy savings tips that can help them to reduce the amount they are spending on this service. House added that “It’s a kind of one-stop-shop for members.”

The QR codes that link members to the website portal are only the very latest in a line of options that have been opened up for mobile users by Sawnee EMC. The company already has an app available for smartphones that provides members with detailed energy usage data, as well as the ability to make an outage report, and a notification feature that members can use to advise the co-op regarding streetlight issues.

House noted that as people are always on the move, being able to use QR codes helps them to save time. He expanded by saying that if they choose to scan the barcode, they no longer have to write down the URL and then type it in. It provides the consumer with a seamless transfer to the web address, where all they need to do is tap a screen.

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