QR codes provide tasty recipe videos for Rienzi products

Rienzi QR codes food labels

Quick response codes have now been introduced to product labels to enhance appeal to consumers.

Rienzi & Sons has announced that it is introducing QR codes to the packaging on its premium authentic Italian food products so that smartphone users will be able to scan them and watch videos that will teach them new recipes.

The company is taking advantage of the ease of use of quick response codes to provide consumers with added resource.

The recipes that can be accessed through scans of the QR codes are both quick and easy to make, to help customers to be able to use these products in a way that will better fit their lives. According to the founder and president of Rienzi & Sons, Mike Rienzi “As part of our 2014 growth and marketing strategy and working with Evis Savvides from SFG Consulting, we recognized the importance of educating the U.S. consumer on the proper way of cooking authentic Italian meals using authentic Italian food products, from our farm to the consumers’ dinner table.”

In this way, the QR codes will provide consumers with information that is valuable and usable.

Rienzi QR codes food labelsMike Rienzi handpicked the recipes that were then created in the form of a video by chefs who demonstrated the simple steps for preparing the meals. Now, consumers are able to scan the QRcodes using smartphones or tablets to be able to view those videos anywhere from the grocery store – to make sure that they have all of the ingredients – to their own home kitchens, so that they can prepare the meals as they watch the instructions.

At the launch of the program, the quick response codes lead to more than 20 recipes. The barcoded labels started arriving in the United States at the beginning of February so that they could be added to the grocery store shelves through the orders that followed that time.

There are many different products that will be receiving the QR codes from the company, which imports everything from canned tomatoes to pasta, beans, olive oil, cheese, vinegar, and tomato and clam sauces. The brand has been in existence for more than four decades, but it is clear that it is dedicated to keeping up with the times.

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