QR codes provide a new kind of work for stonemasons

QR Codes used on gravestones

As quick response codes become more common on gravestones, stonework is becoming more sophisticated.

The use of QR codes on gravestones in order to make it possible for mourners and gravesite visitors to be able to scan in order to learn more is a growing trend, and the feature is being offered by cemeteries in locations across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, and other countries around the world.

The barcodes are added to gravestones to provide more “room” to add information about the deceased.

Space on a gravestone is limited, typically providing room only for the person’s name, the years of his or her birth or death, and possibly a very small phrase consisting of three or four words. By adding QR codes, which don’t require much space at all, it opens up a virtually unlimited amount of space to add more information online. Of course, this means that the barcodes do actually need to be created into the stone so they don’t simply wear away as time passes.

Because of this, stonemasons have found themselves creating square barcodes on these grave markers.

QR Codes used on gravestonesThis takes a considerable amount of skill, as accuracy is important to the formation of the barcode. For this reason, trained and experienced stonemasons are now finding themselves adding these careful QRcode squares to the memorials of many people, so that they can be remembered by everyone who visits the gravesite.

The quick response codes on the tombstones or plaques can then be scanned by anyone with a free reader app on his or her smartphone. This directs the mobile device user to a webpage that is dedicated to the deceased individual. It may include a book of condolences, a biography of the person, pictures, videos, and even stories shared by loved ones. With virtually limitless room, it means that a person can be memorialized far more thoroughly than is possible on the face of a stone or plaque.

While some enjoy the more traditional look of the stones, many others are appreciating the opportunity that the option of QR codes created by stonemasons can provide them in remembering those who have died.

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