QR codes pinned onto fruit by “Banana Ambassador” from Ecuador

qr code banana ambassador fruit

Before you peel your next banana you may want to have a second look because it might have a barcode on it.

Ecuador has started a new campaign using QR codes in order to be able to send its mobile marketing wherever its exported bananas may travel so that it can encourage more people to visit the country.

The hope is that people will scan the black and white squares using their smartphones or tablets.

The goal of the QR codes is to encourage people to scan so that they can learn more about the potential experience of taking a vacation in Ecuador. The country is hoping to increase its tourism dollars. While it has a massive banana export industry, tourism hasn’t yet been used to its greatest potential, they believe. So they’re using the fruit to reach out to the world.

qr codes banana ambassador fruitThe intention of the QR codes is to send information out to banana consumers to learn about Ecuador vacations.

This campaign using QR codes is being called the “Banana Ambassador”, as it is the fruit itself that will carry the information to people from other countries who may then come to visit and spend their tourism dollars while they’re there. After all, while there may not be a lot of tourists who are currently spreading the word, there are a lot of bananas that can do it for them.


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The country exports approximately 24 million tons of bananas to countries around the world, every year. By sticking QR codes that can be scanned to each of the fruits, it provides an extremely inexpensive way to market to potential tourists from all corners of the globe. By scanning, the consumer will be brought to a mobile friendly site where they can take a virtual tour of the country. The hope of the advertisers is that this will inspire them to sign up for the real deal.

This could be a very interesting campaign to monitor in terms of gauging the success of QR codes in type of mobile marketing. If it turns out to be popular, it may not be the last time that fruit becomes an international ambassador.

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