QR codes payment model for consumers may stem from billing program

QR codes mobile billing

QR codes mobile billingNACHA is now looking into the proposal for this type of scheme that was first released in December.

As the industry looks into the best way to use QR codes as a part of billing models and programs, the electronic payments organization from the United States, NACHA, is now investigating the proposal that was released in December 2012 that is meant to provide billers with the guidelines they need.

These guidelines would help quick response barcodes to be used in a more standard fashion for billing.

The proposal is entitled QR Encoding for Consumer Bill Payment Guidelines. These are meant to help to develop a standard across the billing industry for the use of QR codes for the payment of bills and other invoices. It would help organizations to use more standard models by creating a single universal format for reaching consumers whenever they wish to view their bills and make their payments.

Over 20 different companies have signed up to take part in the QR codes guidelines evaluation.

Some of the companies taking part in the evaluation of the guidelines evaluation for the use of QR codes in billing include banks and other large organizations that issue regular invoices. The hope is to be able to come up with a program design that will allow customers to enjoy some consistency in the practice.

US Bank and Verizon are among the participants in the current QR codes billing guidelines evaluation. They have joined the companies that will be examining several different factors that could arise from using barcode scans in order to make bill payments. These include: effectiveness, specifications and usage in various different models for billing and payments, challenges, opportunities, and requirements and considerations for implementation.

According to the Intuit Financial Services vice president of national marketing strategy, Jane Wallace, “Industry input is vital as we work to establish a single QR code specification so consumers can easily view and pay bills from a mobile device. This evaluation is an important step for testing the effectiveness of the Guidelines with key stakeholders. It will help confirm our hypothesis that an open standard used by billers can deliver a consistent, quality consumer experience.”

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