QR codes on résumés give job seekers an appealing advantage

QR Code

QR Code

Employment hunters can attract employers using smartphones by adding a barcode to their résumés.

Consumers are becoming accustomed to seeing QR codes on products and advertising wherever they look, but now these smartphone barcodes are starting to appear in new and unique places, such as résumés.

Adding these black and white squares can give a standard CV a significant boost.

These scannable barcodes make a résumé more noticeable, so that they stand out among the rest of the applicants for a position, but they also provide a job hunter with the ability to provide much more information about themselves than could be included on a printed page. By encouraging a prospective employer to scan the resume, it means that a job hunter can provide an entire website of useful information about his or her candidacy.

This can include a digital version of the résumé, a portfolio of work or case studies, or further details about candidacy, skills, achievements, awards, etc. It can even include a video introduction, or any other form of content that will help to provide the employer with a more rounded impression of what the candidate has to offer.


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QR codes can also bridge the gap that is still left for discovering information when Googling someone.

Vizibility, a reputation management company, for example, is now offering a service which allows employment seekers to build an online profile that improves their competitiveness in this difficult job market. It includes QR codes and the web pages to which employers will be directed when the barcode is scanned. This company’s service were the direct result of its founder’s discovery that when he Googled his own name, there were 23,000 results and virtually none f them were relevant to him.

By embedding QR codes on a résumé, it also means that the information that is being provided to a prospective employer isn’t static. It can be accessed whenever and wherever the employer wishes, using his or her smartphone, and can travel with the individual and be easily shared with others who may have authority over hiring decisions. Information can be kept up to date in real time, so that any new developments are always available as further self advertising material.

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