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Jolly Green Giant QR Codes
By online Markerter Guru, Jason Fladlien

Jolly Green Giant QR CodesThe barcodes are now being added to the labels of produce from companies such as the Jolly Green Giant.

The supplier of packaging for the Jolly Green Giant produce items has now added the capabilities that it had previously announced, adding QR codes to its labeling so that consumers will be able to scan them with smartphones and learn more about the products.

This will help consumers to find out more about the origin of the food products that they buy.

Emerald Packaging, a supplier of packaging for fresh produce products, has announced that it is ready to roll out the bags with special QR codes that will allow consumers to use their smartphones to scan black and white square barcodes to learn about the origin of the contents. This has been made possible with the installation of new Domino USA digital inkjet printing equipment that was installed by the company last month.

This equipment will allow the packaging company to print unique QR codes onto the bags it produces.

The company is based in Union City, California, and provides printed bags for various different fresh produce businesses, such as Growers Express. That is the packer for the Jolly Green Giant massive food manufacturing brand. It has accomplished this goal through an investment in the Bitjet+ line from Domino, which provides an inline digital printing system that functions with its Editor GT inkjet and production line controller. This way, unique QR codes can be printed appropriately onto the bags it produces.


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The QR codes are generated by Truetrack, a management provider for database and software. They can hold as much information about the product as the brand wishes, including the location of the farm, profiles of the growers, the field from which it was harvested, nutritional information, food safety notices, information about the product itself, and even suggested methods of preparation and recipes. The Editor GT system manages the barcodes which are then printed onto the bags by the Bitjet+ equipment.

All of the information then becomes available to customers who scan the QR codes with their smartphones while in the supermarket or at home.

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