QR codes are now printed on prescription scripts

prescription qr codes medical

The Medical Director clinical software package now includes quick response codes for its mobile app.

The Medical Director general practice software package users are now able to use the eRx Express mobile app to be able to print scripts that will also contain QR codes that can be scanned.

The application makes it possible for patients to use their smartphones and tablets to pre-order their medications.

The mobile app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It makes it possible for rapid scans of QR codes to be all that is required to use a paper script to be able to order prescription drug repeats that can then be picked up at their pharmacist. The scanned quick response codes then automatically text a message to the pharmacist. The eRx Express Q software allow the pharmacist to receive the messages through a Windows Surface RT tablet.

By way of the QR codes and the app patients can choose where and when they want to pick up their medications.

prescription qr codes medicalThis mobile app can be downloaded and used by patients for free. On the other hand, pharmacists can use the eRx Express for a standard monthly plan of an affordable $50. There is also a premium plan available for a slightly higher $60 per month. That additional amount allows the pharmacist to add a logo and website to the top of the app so that it can be viewed and accessed by consumers using it on their smartphones.


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Both the basic and premium plans provide the pharmacist with the Surface tablet that is preinstalled with the eRx Express Q software that is needed to receive the notifications that consumers have scanned the QR codes from their prescription scripts and have made a pick up request.

To be able to use the service, general practitioners will need to register through the eRx Script Exchange to the ePrescribing service. The Health Communication Network (the organization behind Medical Director) has also enhanced the functionality of its address book feature within its most recent release of its PracSoft 3.15.1 and of Medical Director. The address book list now presents postcodes and suburbs in their own separate columns. Moreover, the categories in the address book have now made it simpler and easier for data entry.

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