QR codes and NFC tags help in sharing home WiFi connections

QR codes frame

A number of technologies are being used to be able to give guests the ability to connect to a network.

Being able to share a WiFi network connection with guests is becoming an increasingly commonplace but it isn’t always a convenient activity, so new technologies using QR codes, NFC technology, and other options are coming along to simplify the process.

Today, it is nearly out of the question not to be able to share WiFi with houseguests, regardless of how many are visiting.

QR codes and NFC technology are becoming quite easily recognizable among the average smartphone user. While quick response codes are compatible with virtually any smartphone that has a free reader app downloaded and installed into it, near field communication is not available in as many devices. Overall, at the moment, only certain high end Android based phones have that capability. Though the most recent mobile devices from Apple are enabled with this tech, for the moment, it can be used only for their Apple Pay service and nothing else.

QR codes are central to the InstaWiFi utility for sharing a connection in a straightforward way.

QR codes frameTo be able to share a connection with specific individuals, a user can use a feature in the app that automatically creates a unique QRcode. The network details and password are entered in so that they are provided through the app without ever actually being revealed to the guests through their devices. Once the barcode has been generated, it can be exported into a JPEG file so that it can either be displayed on the homeowners device screen to be scanned, or printed out so that it can be shared with others who visit the house.


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The quick response code can be framed and hung on the wall, for example, or simply left on a coffee table for visitors to scan. They don’t need a specific app to scan. They can use whatever reader they already have on their device. People have already been using these barcodes quite creatively to ensure that their guests will be connected when they arrive, including adding them to party invitations. Partygoers never need to find the specific network or enter passwords or passkeys.

The same company also uses NFC technology tags aside from the QR codes, making it possible for people with enabled devices to simply tap their smartphones to connect. Rewriteable NFC tags are available through the company for this purpose.

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