QR codes may save the print industry; study shows that printed QR codes are more successful than their digital counterparts

QR Code Article

QR Code Article

Advertisers have come to adore QR codes. The advent of the digital era has brought about the decline of printed publications which, in turn, has lead to diminishing returns from printed advertisements. Advertisers have had trouble traversing the online world as there is no guarantee that consumers will pay any attention to their attempts at marketing, especially when there are programs that can get rid of advertisements altogether. QR codes, however, are still shrouded in mystique, enticing the curiosity of consumers while offering them a valuable service. The codes may, in fact, revitalize the realm of print marketing.

According to a study from comScore, a research and technology analytics firm, more than 14 million people in the U.S. scanned QR codes in the month of June. Of those, nearly half scanned the codes from a magazine or newspaper. In fact, only 27% of U.S. residents scanned their codes from a website. The codes seem to hold more influence when used with print rather than digital mediums.

The study suggests that the codes could return print marketing back to its glory days before the rise of technology. QR codes have proven to be a reliable and efficient way to bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds, and continue to show such capabilities as more businesses begin to adopt the barcodes. If advertisers can again make exorbitant amounts of money through print advertisements, they may be able to pull the print industry back from the brink of collapse.

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