QR codes may be the next alarm clocks

Smartphone scanning QR codes

A new app is meant to force people to get up by making them scan quick response codes located outside the bedroom.

The “I’m UP Alarm” is a new app that has been designed specifically to cater to people who have a rough time getting out of bed in the morning, as it will continue to ring until the users scans QR codes located in other rooms.

The alarm sounds normally at a preset time and will not shut off until the quick response code has been read.

The mobile app has not yet been launched, but when it hits the market in June, it will be available for both Apple and Android device users. The idea behind making people scan QR codes is to ensure that the device user will be required to actually get up and out of bed and do something that requires a small amount of thought and action in order to make it possible to stop the alarm from sounding. This helps to overcome the problem that many people face when they simply turn off the alarm clock or continue to hit the “snooze” button for far too long.

Instead of playing loud music or making the users do a math problem, the users must get up to scan the QR codes.

Smartphone scanning QR codesOnce the user has had to get up out of bed and travel to another room of the house, it is much more likely that he or she will be able to force themselves to stay up than would be the case using a snooze option.

The QRcode that needs to be scanned by the user of the “I’m UP Alarm” mobile app is located on either a magnet or a mug. These items need to be kept in another room of the house so that the user will have to get up to scan them.

The inventor of the app, Michael Smagon, explained that “We all hit the snooze, toss and turn, and fall back asleep,” adding that “Then we do the morning dash because we lose those coveted morning minutes.” Smagon explained that the app makes it possible for an alarm sound to go off close enough to the bed to wake the user up, but at the same time, the shut-off option is not within arm’s reach. The user is forced to get up to scan the QR codes.

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