QR codes make mobile coupons more appealing

Mobile Coupons with QR Codes

Mobile Coupons with QR Codes

These barcodes make discount opportunities very attractive to consumers.

Marketers are being inundated with different ways to drive sales using mobile marketing, but it’s QR codes that are taking the cake in terms of opportunities for consumers to save using digital or sometimes referred to as mobile coupons.

They are also very popular for other shopping opportunities.

QR codes are also gaining momentum as a method for paying for certain purchases, such as parking, and for reading newspapers and newsletters. Overall, they have now been successfully driving sales both in-store and online.

The fact that QR codes are well established is allowing them to keep up with the pace of mobile technology.

Now that consumers are becoming very familiar with them, as they are located on everything from product packaging to signage, and print ads even to more unique locations such as on tombstones or spray painted onto livestock, they are much more likely to use them.

Smartphones are playing an ever larger role in people’s everyday lives. They carry them everywhere they go, and use them for everything from communicating to social media, and from banking to making price comparisons. Therefore, when QR codes are present, it is perfectly natural for them to take out the devices and scan them to find out where they lead and what they can provide.

In the shopping world, one of the most popular uses for QR codes among consumers is discount coupons. They are far more likely to scan a code and act on what it provides them when they are given an opportunity to save money than they are if they are simply directed to the homepage of a website.

Although providing a quick response code that will replace the need to type a URL into a mobile device is a useful feature, in terms of conversion, it is the chance for savings that provides the most significant outcomes.

Coupons simply seem to be the most consistently effective driver for people to make a purchase resulting from scanning QR codes. When this opportunity is presented through a simple free scan using a smartphone, it is almost an automatic inclination for the device owners to act.

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