QR codes likely to be found on UK energy bills very soon

QR codes mobile billing

Ed Davey is placing the pressure on suppliers to add these quick response codes to invoices.

The U.K. secretary of energy, Ed Davey, has been placing pressure on energy companies to add QR codes to the bills that they send out to their customers, to provide them with quick and easy access to their usage information as well as other helpful data.

A simple quick response code scan could show a customer how much gas and electricity they have used.

Scanning the QR codes can also help consumers to be able to comparison shop for the best rates, under the various government outlined plans. Davey has explained that if energy providers are forced to add quick response codes to their bills, then consumers would be provided with a “quick, straightforward way to compare the best deal for them with a simple swipe of their phone.”

These QR codes will help in the effort to keep competition high and prices low among energy providers.

QR codes mobile billingThe reason is that the customers who scan the QRcode on their bills will be able to find a number of comparison shopping opportunities. If energy providers want to make sure that they don’t lose their current customers to the competition, then they will need to make sure that they are giving them enough reason to stay – primarily in the form of affordability.


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The Department of Energy and Climate Change in the United Kingdom has already been taking steps to help to streamline the number of charges that they make and to provide consumers with a larger amount of information on their bills. These quick response codes will only expand on that effort as it will open up the invoices to the information that is available online, including in the form of text, interactive tools, and other features that mobile device users may find helpful and appealing.

When customers scan the QR codes, they’ll not only be able to see how much energy they have used, but also how much it will cost them, and how much it would cost if they took a cheaper deal with a competing provider.

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