QR codes initiative has officially been launched in Gainsville

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QR codes real estate saleDowntown project for bringing in new businesses is now underway in the Georgia city.

The official release of the QR codes project on Main Street Gainesville, Georgia, has now occurred, and the city has started the initiative by posting the barcodes on two vacant buildings.

The barcodes are located on empty buildings located right on the square, so that smartphone users can scan them.

Regina Mansfield, the Main Street Manager, said that the primary focus of Main Street is the economic development of this important stretch of the downtown area. She went on to say that this project that uses QR codes will hopefully be a very important tool to help to enhance the results of those efforts. The goal is to be able to draw new business into the area of Downtown Gainesville, particularly in the central and high focus areas such as the square.

The QR codes are a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to provide information about these structures.

Individuals and businesses that are interested in the spaces can scan the QR codes in order to obtain more information. This could draw more attention and encourage greater action in terms of filling these spaces.

Mansfield stated that “The code will link to an online page that will have vital information and stats such as: contact information, building size/structure details, interior photos, leasing/purchase information, architectural details, historical data and links to resources such as the SBDC and City of Gainesville Permits/Zoning/Utilities information.” She also added that “We appreciate the assistance of Fullmedia in getting this project off the ground.”

This technique will not only help people who are interested to learn more right away, simply by scanning the QR codes, but it will allow them to store that information so that they can look into it further, at a time that is best for them. Moreover, it provides contact information so that they can quickly and easily reach the people who will be able to assist them in determining whether this will be the right space for their own business. This allows for much more information and convenience than the limited signage that was previously placed on the buildings.

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