QR codes incorporated into Champion SynGold Motor Oil marketing

QR Code Marketing for Champion SynGold Motor Oil

QR Code Marketing for Champion SynGold Motor Oil

Ads, promotions, and product literature will all feature the barcodes.

Full synthetic motor oil industry leader, Champion Oil, has announced that it will be using QR codes on all of its branded promotional advertising and product literature.

They will be used to allow consumers to better inform themselves about the products.

These QR codes allow Champion SynGold Motor Oil to obtain more information about the company and the various products it offers so that they can educate themselves and make more informed purchasing decisions.

The nature of QR codes makes this a significant opportunity for Champion Oil.

The reason is that while promotional materials and product packaging is a great place to offer information to consumers, there are significant space constraints. This means that there is a limit to the amount of data and details that can be provided through those methods. However, by adding QR codes into the mix, it opens up the practically limitless expanse of the internet.

QR codes bridge the gap between printed materials and the internet.

In this case, they allow consumers to have their interest piqued by the printed literature, and then discover more detailed information by using their smartphones to scan the QR codes that direct them to pages with more to say about the products.


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Champion SynGold feels that this is a wonderful match with their products, as it not only allows them to offer more information to consumers, but it also helps to show that the company and its offerings are always on the edge of the latest technologies and developments. They have been observing their customers’ behaviors and preferences and see that a large percentage of them have smartphones which they actively use when they are shopping.

The company is using the QR codes to show consumers more about its full synthetic motor oils, which are designed to improve the fuel economy performance of vehicles while protecting the engine, and adding cleaning power. These products are proven to notably decrease wear and breakdown of viscosity due to its oil technology advancements.

With the goal of keeping at the head of technology in the design and performance of its products, maintaining the same goal for its marketing is a natural fit.

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