QR codes implemented into Kerala Tourism strategy

Smartphone scanning QR codes

These quick response codes are meant to help it easier for travelers to conduct a search and find what they want.

Kerala Tourism has now launched a new system based on QR codes that allows travelers to conduct fast and easy searches to find the destinations that they want and to learn information that is related to those locations.

These quick response codes provide information that can be found on the official Kerala Tourism website.

The feature has been rolled out in order to help to cater to smartphone users, as they now make up the majority of people, and these travelers frequently look to their mobile devices when they plan their travels. By adding QR codes to the tourism aid service, it makes it possible for people to access the keralatourism.org website without having to enter the URL manually – something that can be awkward and time consuming for many device users.

The Kerala Tourism website has already created hundreds of different QR codes for road signs.

Smartphone scanning QR codesThe QRcode signboards have been added along the Indian state’s roads. This allows people to use their smartphones to scan wherever they are and obtain the information about where they would like to go. Once the scan has been done, a user can select a radius from their current location in order to find out what is available to them within that radius, or they can simply look through a range of different photos of different parts of Kerala. The distance that a user can choose ranges from 2km to 50km from their current position.

There are already about 1,200 geo-tagged pictures of different parts of the state in India. Among them, there are about 75 within each district. All of them have already been uploaded to the website in order to make them accessible by the users of the quick response code based program.

The QR codes were recently launched by Minister for Tourism A.P. Anil Kumar. The minister stated that Kerala Tourism was the first to offer this type of smartphone friendly barcode program in the country. The strategy was developed by Invis Multimedia, an IT solutions provider.

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