QR codes on ID bracelet could help to save lives

qr codes medical id bracelet - Resq scan

A paramedic named Lee Roberts has come up with the ResQ Scan quick response code bracelet.

Lee Roberts is a paramedic from New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, who has learned that every second counts when it comes to saving a life, so he developed the ResQ Scan bracelet with QR codes to help first responders to gain rapid and immediate access to the medical history of the wearer.

By scanning the quick response code, first responders learn about the medical history and even contact information.

Roberts has been a paramedic for nearly a decade and a half and has had to respond to a full range of different types of medical emergencies. At the same time, he has also encountered patients who don’t have any knowledge of their own medical histories, who have very long lists of medications, or who don’t speak English, which makes it very difficult to choose the right course of action in an urgent situation. He has therefore come up with a bracelet that features QR codes that can provide first responders, like him, with the information that they need right away to act appropriately to a situation.


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The QR codes on the bracelet are similar to a modern version of the MedicAlert bracelet system.

qr codes medical id bracelet - Resq scanInstead of having to phone a number, paramedics can scan the QRcodes right away and access the information that they need to know to help to save the patient’s life and health. The faster a paramedic is able to obtain this vital information, the better the chances that the correct course of action will be chosen within an appropriate period of time.

The ResQ Scan bracelets are made up of a basic silicon band (available in a range of different colors), which feature a metal band that is embossed with the quick response code. That barcode is unique to the wearer and will provide the contact and medical information uploaded by the user, once the QR codes have been scanned. The storage capacity for the system is essentially limitless, so a patient can add all of the relevant medical information to his or her file, and can easily keep it up to date.

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