QR codes help visitors to London 2012 Olympic games to enjoy the sites

Turkish Airlines QR Code

Turkish Airlines QR Code

Turkish Airlines is holding a scavenger hunt throughout the city.

Turkish Airlines has launched a scavenger hunt London wide, which uses QR codes through a campaign designed by McCann Istanbul and that coincides with the Olympic Games in the city this year.

Smartphone users are encouraged to look for the country flags throughout the city.

The national flags of countries participating in the Olympics are posted in various locations throughout the city, featuring QR codes on digital boards. There are hundreds of different places throughout the city that have the barcodes printed on the flags that can be scanned as a part of the scavenger hunt.

The QR codes can be scanned by anyone with a smartphone and a free scanning app.

Many of the quick response barcodes are located on bus stops and other public locations that are frequently passed by both visitors to the city and residents who are there year round. Participants in the game simply need to scan the two dimensional squares and they are automatically directed to the mobile website, where they are checked in to the page for that flag.

To motivate smartphone users in London throughout the Olympics to scan the QR codes when they see them, Turkish Airlines will be rewarding the individual with the largest number of check ins with a two way ticket to one of the two hundred different locations to which the airline flies around the world.


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The mobile marketing campaign has been attracting a good amount of attention from visitors to the city as well as residents who are traveling the city more extensively due to the Olympic Games. However, there have been a few minor criticisms of the way that the program has been designed in that many people believe that the promotion could have been far more successful if it had included more activity on social networks.

Some people also feel that something more attractive or valuable than an airline ticket may have been given as a prize, as many people prefer to have a more tangible reward for taking part in a QR code scavenger hunt contest such as this one.

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