QR codes help to add to the rich historical experience of Bute Park

QR codes in bute park view of cardiff castle

This beautiful location in the capital of Wales is using smartphone technology to inform visitors.

Visitors to Bute Park, a beautiful and historical location in Cardiff, Wales, will now be able to use QR codes to help to enhance their experience and to learn more about the history and significance of the park

A considerable amount of information has been assembled, including old photographs of the area.

Smartphones with any free reader for QR codes will be able to scan the barcodes in order to instantly gain access to the content. Bute Park was first landscaped about 140 years ago for the 3rd Marquess of Bute. Today, the rich history of this most famous park in the capital city of Wales can now come to life through a simple handheld common device.

QR codes in bute park view of cardiff castleQR codes are located near each point of interest in the park for easy discovery by park visitors.

As visitors enjoy each part of the park, they can scan the QR codes to see old photographs, maps of the park, drawings of the park, and a tremendous wealth of additional information. The park, itself, is designed to have 10 different tour stops. Each of them has a small plaque upon which the barcodes have now been installed.


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Before the use of QR codes and mobile technology, there hasn’t been any other way to be able to make this much information available to the public while they are still in the park. According to the cabinet member for sport, leisure, and culture, Councillor Huw Thomas, “The QR Code trail in Bute Park is set to be a fantastic educational and learning tool.” He went on to say that “As well as captivating local people it will be hugely useful for tourism as visitors to the city can readily learn about this wonderful park which is so rich in history and important to Cardiff.”

Thomas feels that technology such as the use of these QR codes is an essential way to help to keep the city up to date. He feels that it can be used to bring the old world and the new world into a common ecosystem. This way the significance of the history of the location can be better understood in a very relevant and interesting way.

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