QR codes help Air Wick engage with its target market

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The quick response codes have been designed to let the brand connect with smartphone users.

It has reached the point that it is hardly unique for marketers to use QR codes as a part of advertising, particularly when it comes to print ads, but Air Wick has chosen to take a new tack to draw smartphone using consumers to a new on-site experience.

This effort has to do with drawing customers to an on-site experience through the largest U.S. shopping mall.

The brand known for its air freshener products has now established a 3D pop-up home in the Minneapolis Mall of America, in order to place the spotlight on its new collection of Life Scents. This display involves several different rooms of a home, each of which were designed and staged by lifestyle experts in order to focus on a specific scent from the new line of products. When shoppers in the mall make their way through the Air Wick house, they are provided their own QR codes in order to be able to register so that they can create their own online profiles.

These QR codes can also be scanned in order to obtain tips that they can save into their own profiles.

qr codes mobile couponThe brand is also hoping that the use of these quick response codes will broaden into a social media marketing experience. Users of the barcodes are encouraged to share the tips that they enjoyed the most over Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, along with the #HomeIsInTheAir hashtag.

According to the Como mobile app maker’s marketing manager, Shira Anderson, the choice of the use of QRcodes by Air Wick is a solid one. Anderson explained that “The ease of use provided by a QR code [should transform] the campaign into something that will engage consumers without frustrating or overwhelming them.”

At the same time, she also pointed out that quick response codes remain visually unappealing but she believes that despite the fact that they may not be pretty, they can still provide a significant advantage to mobile marketing firms. When a barcode is scanned, it can help to reveal a genuine interest from the consumer in the brand.

Because of the very nature of QR codes, the fact that a consumer has taken the moment to actively scan the barcode, it can show that a marketing effort has connected with that individual and has appealed enough that they will seek to take part in more of it.

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