QR codes are headed to gravestones in Somerset, England town

qr code tombstone site

Burnham-On-Sea has permitted the use of quick response codes on grave markers in its three cemeteries.

Counselors in Burnham-On-Sea recently gathered and gave their approval for the use of QR codes on gravestones in the cemeteries that are located in the town, in order to allow for a more modern experience for memorializing the deceased.

These quick response codes will be added to gravestones for the first time at the three Burnham and Highbridge cemeteries.

These QR codes will give visitors to the cemeteries the opportunity to be able to scan using smartphones and tablets so that they can learn more about the people who have been laid to rest. These scans will direct a mobile device user to a page that has been created by family and friends in order to memorialize the individual. It will include a biography of the deceased, which can include profile information, videos, photographs, stories, and even tributes from people who knew him or her.

The choice was made to allow the QR codes following a debate with regards to whether or not to join the growing trend.

qr codes grave siteThe QRcode is making its way into cemeteries across the United Kingdom, and the Joint Burial Committee of the Town Council felt that it was time to make the decision as to whether or not the town would be joining in and proceeding forward with the use of the technology.

According to Denise Emery, the Burnham and Highbridge Town Clerk, “Having a QR code on a gravestone will be entirely optional and of the family’s choosing,” which means that they won’t automatically be added to all grave markers, but will be an option that families can choose if they wish.

Emery went on to state that “The web pages would also be controlled and maintained entirely by the family of the deceased or people connected with the organization behind the memorial.” She added that the town has discussed the topic of adding QR codes with local stone masons. One of them felt that the barcodes were not appropriate for gravestones, but “some of the others are more favorable”.

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