QR codes have been dropped by Powa

QR codes - no cancelled

The quick response codes have been eliminated in order to accommodate instant print ad based orders.

Powa Technologies, which has previously used QR codes to make it possible to turn ads and product packages into a “shoppable” experience by allowing smartphone users to scan advertising and packaging to purchase those products online, has now decided to cease using those barcodes.

Previously, the experience was designed to let smartphone users scan quick response codes to get what they want.

Now, Powa Technology has chosen to stop their focus on QR codes in favor of making an entire print ad scannable so users can transform the advertising in front of them into a digital shopping opportunity. Brands using this service simply upload their images to Powa so the technology can be activated, according to Dan Wagner, the CEO of Powa. This simple and straightforward process is also possible with product packages. This way, the limited and valuable real estate in ads and packaging will no longer need to be sacrificed to a barcode.

It also means that the QR codes will no longer need to be worked into the design of an ad or package.

QR codes - no cancelledThere have already been about 1,600 companies that have signed on to use the technology instead of trying to work QRcodes into their ads. Among those brands are some big names such as L’Oreal and BigSexyHair.

Wagner pointed out that this mobile marketing technology can make it possible for print publishers to offer the same level of interactive digital experience that is possible for online advertisers. Equally, he predicts that brands will be able to use this type of advertisement in order to capture an instant sale from consumers who enjoy an ad and are ready to act on a purchase at that moment. This can help to stop them from being drawn away from a brand if they see an in-store promotion from a rival company.

Since most digital advertising only really achieves a click-through rate of under 1 percent, it isn’t know if interaction with print ads will provide any better results than that or than what was achieved with scans of QR codes.

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