QR codes going BIG in the U.K.

Central Square in Lincoln England

The city of Lincoln in the United Kingdom is starting to follow the QR trend as the codes make their way to the City Centre where they will be featured in shop windows. The codes will be used to offer customers exclusive deals and discounts on merchandise. Many are finding the codes to be a better option for their promotional efforts than conventional advertising. For one, the codes are vastly less expensive than traditional advertising. They are also easily generated and printed. 

Lincoln is just another in a long line of cities whose businesses are implementing the codes. As mobile technology begins to take prominence in people’s lives, these businesses stand at the cutting edge, ready to take advantage of emerging trends in mobile marketing. While the codes are already several decades old, their age has not deterred marketers from making use of them. Now that mobile devices are popular, the codes stand to be used extensively well into the future.

The Lincoln Business Improvement Group (BIG) will be distributing the codes to businesses within the City Centre. They will take the form of window stickers that will be featured in store windows. The codes, when scanned, resolve to a mobile website where customers can obtain special deals as well as get information from retailers.

“Ours is the first city in the UK where retailers are using this new technology,” claims BIG CEO Matt Corrigan. The codes are set to add an extra dimension to the shopping experience and leave a lasting impression on customers.

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