QR codes give loot to Borderlands 2 players

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Scanning the quick response code unlocks a great deal of loot within the mobile game.

The new LootTheWorld app is now available for both iOS and Android players of the mobile game called Borderlands 2, giving them the chance to use QR codes to be able to gain even more loot that was already available within the application.

Gamers can scan the quick response codes with the newly released application to unlock new opportunities.

When the QR codes are scanned by other players who have the app, it is possible to identify the type of loot that corresponds with them. Furthermore, they can use other barcodes to be able to create their own in-game weapons and other items that they can use. Gearbox, the developer behind the LootTheWorld app will also assign stamps to users through codes that will be available on Facebook and Twitter, that can be redeemed by those players for items that can be sent into a user’s game by way of his or her Shift account.

Borderlands has a growing history with the use of QR codes to expand its user opportunities.

qr codesIn both the original Borderlands game and its sequel, there were a number of these quick response codes that could be located by users in order to obtain benefits of various sorts. Primarily, scanning these barcodes would reveal secret messages to the players. They were not seen as serious factors that would have much impact on the game itself. However, it looks as though these scans will be more central to game play in this latest version.

North American members received Borderlands 2 as a free PlayStation Plus title for PlayStation 3 last Tuesday. Moreover, its most recent DLC, which is called How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day, was also revealed late last week. It will becomes available, today on all of the platforms for the game, including PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac. Today’s release will be $2.99. It is not yet known if additional QR codes have come with this release. Later next year, a Vita version of the game will also become available.

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