QR codes are getting personal in China

Visualead QR Codes

VisuaLead has just generated its own startup in the country to be able to provide customized barcodes.

If there is anything that can be said for certain about QR codes, it’s that they are spreading like wildfire, and companies that generate them are working hard to make sure that they are at the head of the market when it comes to being the choice of businesses for creating their barcodes.

These quick response codes are typically black and white squares, but VisuaLead has managed to make them stand out.

Now, that company has started to branch out and has created its own startup in China, to help individuals and businesses in that country to be able to generate their own personalized QR codes for other people to be able to scan. This not only allows them to be posted on print ads and product packaging – where they are typically found, these days – but it also provides the ability to add the quick response codes to web pages.

The new service also allows a user to generate a QR code that will link to an individual account.

Visualead QR CodesAny user in China will now be able to create his or her own personal QRcode that will link directly to his or her own unique account and that will incorporate that individual’s picture. A picture can be embedded directly into the quick response code and it can still be scanned in the same way as a traditional barcode, using a smartphone or tablet and a free reader app. Moreover, the system is also able to work the barcode’s information into GIF-style animations and even videos.

VisuaLead is a company that is headquartered in Israel. That company has been making a tremendous splash within the mobile marketing sphere and has also won a number of awards for its unique form of QR codes. Recently, it brought in a G-Startup award in Beijing’s Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC). This is the largest tech event in that massive city. The company has also recently entered into an agreement with one of the largest social networks in China, Renren.

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