QR codes get a Hershey Kiss this holiday season

QR Codes Chocolate

The candy manufacturer has now piloted a SmartLabel program including quick response codes.

Hershey Co. has decided to take a step back toward simplicity in terms of its ingredients, at the same time that it has stepped forward into technology when it comes to its labeling, by adding QR codes to the packaging for its classic Kisses and chocolate bars.

Launched for the holiday season, these Hershey products will not contain any artificial flavors.

The products in the Holiday Hershey’s Kisses packages will not only be free of artificial flavors, but they will also be the first among the company’s products to be a part of the SmartLabel pilot. This program will make it possible for consumers to scan QR codes in order to obtain instant product information details that will be displayed on their smartphone screens. The barcodes will also provide consumers with information about allergens as well as the nutrition facts associated with the product.

The QR codes will also help the company to promote its newly simplified list of ingredients.

QR Codes ChocolateThe Kisses and the Hershey’s milk chocolate bars have a new list of ingredients that include fresh milk sourced from farms located in Pennsylvania, as well as cocoa beans that the company claims come from a responsible source in West Africa. It will also include natural flavor and pure cane sugar.

While these ingredients will all be listed on the product package, as well, the quick response codes will provide consumers with the chance to watch a video that offers a behind-the-scenes perspective of how the new recipe was developed and created in order to replace the old one without sacrificing the look, texture and taste that consumers have come to expect from the brand and its products.

The QR codes on the SmartLabel direct smartphone users to a web-based platform that lets consumers look into a great deal more information than would be possible on the limited real estate afforded by the product package, itself. This type of strategy is being implemented by a growing number of food companies that wish to inform shoppers without being held back by what they can print on a tag, bag or box.

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