QR codes gaining support in the United Arab Emirates

QR Codes

Demand for QR codes is on the rise

As smartphone penetration in the Middle East grows, consumers are beginning to demand new and more convenient services. In the United Arab Emirates, consumers are beginning to demand that their mobile devices have the ability to quickly connect to a variety of location-based services as well as recognize QR codes. The UAE is one of the few placed in the world where consumers are actually demanding that companies make more use of QR codes in their products and advertising.

Report shows growing support for location-based services

TNS Mena, a leading market research firm, has released the latest edition of its Annual Mobile Life Study. The report shows that 43% of mobile consumers make use of location-based services. These services cover everything from GPS to location-based social networking. Such services have grown very popular with new generations of consumers that have a great deal of experience with mobile technology.

QR CodesQR codes prove useful to consumers

The report also shows that 19% of consumers currently make use of QR codes on a regular basis, but another 28% are interested in using them in the future. Interest in QR codes piqued when advertisers began using them in various marketing campaigns. The codes have allowed consumers to access mobile content in a more dynamic fashion and this has proven very attractive to many people throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Businesses begin feeling need to adapt to consumer interests

Backed by the interests of consumers, businesses are beginning to feel pressure to make better use of location-based services and QR codes. Exactly how businesses will do this has yet to be seen, but many have already started leveraging QR codes more aggressively to capture the interests of consumers. Consumers are also demanding that mobile devices be equipped with inherent location-based applications and QR code scanners that will allow them to take advantage of the codes they find in the world around them.

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