QR codes from ScanLife include new language detection feature

Smartphone scanning QR codes

QR codes language detectionThese dynamic barcodes will automatically choose the content that the user understands.

ScanLife has just unveiled a new type of technology for QR codes that allows a scan to automatically identify the language of the smartphone user so that content can be displayed accordingly.

The barcode action detects the setting from the user’s device so that content in that language can be displayed.

For instance, if a brand or marketer is targeting a market in a country where several languages are spoken – such as English and Spanish in the United States, or English and French in Canada – then this technology would eliminate the need for multiple QR codes depending on the user’s language, or to make the user choose a language once the scan has occurred.

QR codes using this dynamic action will save time and enhance the mobile experience.

Marketers will be able to use QR codes in a single design for an entire campaign that includes all of the languages for which their content is available. This will be particularly useful for massive campaigns that span several countries, for example, all of Europe.

At the moment, these QR codes from ScanLife are available in 12 languages, but there are 6 different language experiences offered. An experience is based on the device settings of the individual instead of the location. This means that even though an English speaker may be visiting France, scans will lead them to an ad in English, rather than in French.

According to ScanLife, the functionality works with any app worldwide. Therefore, when a barcode is scanned, an English speaker will always be invited to “download” an app, instead of receiving instructions in a language he or she does not speak, just because of his or her location.

According to that company, QR codes are rapidly gaining in popularity. This year, in the first quarter, alone, their use increased by 157 percent over the same time in 2011. Nielsen’s figures show that 57 percent of smartphone owners who have used those devices while inside an electronics store have scanned the barcodes at least once in order to obtain information a product, and 36 percent of those in department stores have done the same thing.

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