QR codes from Jané help to improve car seat safety

car seat child safety qr codes janéThe baby products company is using parents’ smartphones to help them use products more safely.

Jané, a baby products company, has just announced that they will now be placing QR codes onto all of their car seats to help parents to make certain that they have properly fitted the safety devices to their vehicles, keeping their children safer.

These smartphone friendly barcodes will be attached to all of the company’s car seats.

Data reported by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has revealed that 70 percent of vehicle restraints designed for child safety are not properly fitted to the cars, placing young children at a greater risk of injury and harm. Jané has decided to tackle this problem through QR codes which can be easily scanned with a smartphone or tablet, providing additional instructions to parents.

These QR codes are meant to help parents to decrease the risk of improperly installing car seats.

This use of QR codes has made Jané the first in the United Kingdom to use the barcodes for this type of purpose. They believe that parents will scan the black and white squares with their smartphones so that they can view a video that shows them specifically how they can fit the car seats to their vehicles. It also provides additional useful information about the safety product so that they can better inform themselves.

Jané spokesperson, David McCullough, spoke about the QR codes that are being affixed to his company’s car seats. He said that “There is no doubt that many people find fitting a car seat daunting. These codes are a real step-change in educating the public about using car seats correctly and could save babies and young children’s lives.”

This purpose for the QR codes is supported by the statement made by Dave Evans, a child car seat expert. He has said that by far, the majority of parents find it challenging to properly install their child car seats within their vehicles. He explained that “In our investigation into Child Car Seat Retailer Advice, we found staff in almost half the stores we visited didn’t know how to install child car seats correctly. So offering people the chance to watch a fitting video on their smart phone, wherever they are, must be a positive step forward.”

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