QR codes in the form of coupons bring real-time info from the TV screen

QR Codes Television smart TV mobile payments

Fujitsu has demoed a new application that shows some new potential for multi-screen marketing.

The Fujitsu company demonstrated a new use for QR codes at CREATEC JAPAN 2013, where they showed that smartphone and tablet users can receive real-time coupons and embedded information from their favorite television programs.

The technology uses these barcodes to allow information to be embedded into video that is streaming live.

These QR codes can also embed information into regular TV and smart devices, in addition to recorded video. The surprising part of the demonstration was that no specialized hardware is required, and that existing hardware can be used to make it work.

QR Codes Television TVThe use of the QR codes and the existing hardware makes it possible for invisible embedding to occur.

It works through invisible points of light that are invisible to the human eye. They are embedded within the programming or video. The subtle manipulation of the number of the lights on the screen and the overall brightness that they are using makes it possible for the transmission of different types of data.

Using this technology, it makes it possible for viewers to be able to receive special coupons in order to receive a discount for a product or service that they are viewing on the screen, or even to make reservations through a promotional campaign using information from the show. It also provides them with the opportunity to obtain additional details, or to simply buy a product that they have seen.

Within the demonstration at the event in Japan, there were two identical looking videos playing side by side. The one on the left did not include this new technology, while the one on the right had the embedded tech. By using smartphones with reader apps in the same way that traditional QR codes would be used, right over the video, the extra information and data could be accessed. In this case, it provided the device user with a coupon that was related to the content that was being viewed.

The demonstration showed that this technology using QR codes functions in a seamless and smooth way. According to Fujitsu, it will pave the way for making it easier and more convenient to use multiple devices at once.

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