QR codes experience a significant boost in social media marketing

QR code social media

QR code social media

As smartphones continue their penetration, quick response barcodes are paying a growing role.

As smartphones and apps keep up their exceptionally rapid growth, QR codes have started to take on an important role in social media marketing that is only just now being recognized.

Consumers are scanning these barcodes on an increasing basis due to their ease of use.

Companies and brands of all shapes and sizes are beginning to make this discovery and are now including QR codes as a part of their overall campaigns. Among them is the California Avocado Commission, based in Irvine, says the vice president of marketing of the organization, Jan DeLyser. It is using the barcodes to fill a vital role in social media advertising.

DeLyser shared that “This year, we feature California avocado advertising in the bread aisle, and there are recipes posted, and QR codes on those that will take the consumer to a recipe.” It was also noted that these barcodes offer companies the opportunity to instantly communicate with consumers who are seeking information, and that this can make the difference in closing a deal or making a purchase on impulse.

She added that” It’s further information at the point of purchase that can provide ideas on the spot, to give the consumer ideas,” going on to point out that “To get the information to the consumer at the point of purchase helps generate more sales.”

The technology of QR codes remains new enough that many marketers are still learning the ropes.

Mission Produce Inc, an Oxnard based company in California is still working to determine what specific niche is best suited for using QR codes, according to its vice president of sales and marketing, Ross Wileman. He stated that although it can be a challenge to change all of the fruit stickers so that each piece will include one of the barcodes, the organization has found it to be quite simple to display them on some of the produce bags.

This trend is not limited to California. It is occurring across the country. In Washington, D.C., for example, the Chilean Avocado Importers Association has also broadened its use of QR codes, says its marketing director, Maggie Bezart.

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