QR codes enhance Estrella Art Show

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

An art intern implemented quick response codes to help to broaden the experience to event guests.

When an art intern took part in the organization of the Estrella Art Show and was acting as docent, it was decided that QR codes were one of the best ways to help visitors to the event to be able to access a larger amount of information about the pieces that they were viewing.

Guests to the student art show were able to not only view the artwork, but to learn a great deal more.

Kyrene de la Estralla Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona, decided that they didn’t want to provide the standard experience when they held their art show. They wanted to step beyond displaying artworks on the school’s walls. Instead, they incorporated QR codes into the displays in order to make it possible for guests to be able to view recordings about the pieces and their creators. This was all created by interns in the fourth and fifth grades.

The QR codes made it possible for students and parents to scan and discover more about the artwork.

QR codes school library smartphone barcodesAs parents and students made their way past each display, they could stop and use their smartphones or tablets to scan the quick response codes that were positioned beneath the artwork. They would then be redirected to a website that contained an audio recording of the student who created the work. That student would discuss the piece that they created in order to provide greater depth of understanding to the viewer.

According to Estrella art teacher, Cassidy Parker-Anders, who is also the coordinator of the district’s art program, “A teacher at Cerritos brought it up and asked the technology department and they brought it up to me. I thought, ‘That sounds like a lot of work.’” She also added that “It made me nervous to try it, but it’s been a lot of fun and the kids have really enjoyed it.”

Eight students in the fourth and fifth grades were selected to be interns by Parker-Anders, this year. They were responsible for helping with the setup of the displays for the show, including the QR codes. The kids said that it was a time consuming process, but it wasn’t all that difficult to accomplish.

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