QR codes embroidering machine created in the Netherlands

QR codes clothing labels

QR codes clothing labelsAn embroidery device has made it possible to produce the QR codes in the form of cloth.

As QR codes become increasingly popular, companies around the world are coming up with new and unique ways to work them into locations in which they will be scanned by the smartphone carrying public.

This now includes an invention that can produce these barcodes to be included in many possible places.

LogoBorduurstudio, a company based in Barneveld, The Netherlands, has made it possible to use an embroidery machine that is controlled by a computer in order to produce cloth that is made up of QR codes. This makes it possible to embroider the barcodes into apparel or a number of other types of soft items.

For instance, QR codes could now be embroidered on a piece of clothing sent to the company.

This could open up a number of different opportunities as businesses have been increasing their use of QR codes. Now, by sending the company a piece of clothing or by selecting an item from a work or casual wear line, a unique barcode can be embroidered directly onto it. Each one is precisely created so that they can be successfully scanned by smartphones and other mobile devices.

The QR codes embroidered by the machine are 6 square centimeters for those without a border, or 7 square centimeters for those that do have a border. The official site is advertising that the service costs $65, which does sound like a premium, but it could, perhaps be justified by the custom nature of the project. There is setup involved, and it is a unique service at the moment.

This is not the first time that QR codes have been worked into cloth. There is are a growing number of artists, weavers, and others who have been making the barcodes using traditional methods, or creating them by hand. This is the first company that has been advertising that the barcodes can be embroidered into clothing through the use of a completely digitized, mechanical process, on the larger scale, and that is directed toward a broader market.

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