QR codes eliminate the need for exact change for parking

Mobile Payments in Parking Lots mobile commerce

Mobile Payments in Parking Lots

A new Australian system lets motorists park at meters and pay using smartphones.

A new system on Yarra Boulevard in Burnley, Victoria, Australia, is allowing motorists to scan QR codes with their smartphones in order to pay for their parking.

The new system has been established by Parkmobile, an Australian company.

The organization has been working with a number of local councils in order to set up various parking methods using mobile devices throughout Victoria and New South Wales in Australia. Though there are other locations that support the use of mobile payments through Parkmobile applications, it requires the user to input a 7-digit code to identify their locations in order to pay to park there.

The use of QR codes eliminates the need to enter a location code.

By scanning the barcode, users can pay for their parking without having to enter a location identification number. The QR codes provide that data automatically into the app.

According to a press release by Michael Doherty, the managing director of Parkmobile, “Parkmobile is very excited to launch our mobile payment parking service in Burnley.”

Doherty went on to say that “With this technology, customers no longer have to search for $9 worth of coins at the start of each workday. With the addition of QR Codes to our suite of payment options, our Pay-By-App solution continues to be an example of innovative technology that can make our lives easier and more efficient.”

Using this system entirely eliminates the need to use coins to continue to feed the meter. Instead, paying for the necessary time is simply a matter of scanning a black and quite square using a mobile device, and then confirming the information that has been automatically entered by way of the scan.

Doherty has also shared that Parkmobile intends to launch mobile parking payments by way of QR codes in locations throughout the country. It has also been testing various options using near field communication (NFC) in order to be well prepared for the launch of the iPhone 5. Rumors regarding this soon-to-be-popular device indicate that it will be capable of this technology.

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