QR codes earned a college student nearly $25k

qr codes bitcoin

Simply by waving a sign with a quick response code in the air while in an ESPN crowd, donations were made.

On ESPN’s “College GameDay”, which is a college football program from the station that is filmed every week at a different college campus, a student held up a sign featuring QR codes, the words “Hi Mom. Send” and a Bitcoin logo.

This was all it took to have thousands of people interested in finding out where the barcode led.

The QR codes clearly led to a Bitcoin wallet, so that people could donate money to the student if they wished. Even without knowing who he was, that was exactly what people started to do. Bitcoin fans on Reddit worked out the quick response code from what they saw on the screen so that they would be able to identify the specific wallet to make it possible for donations to be made.

qr codes bitcoinAn enhancement was made on Reddit so that the QR codes turned out to be highly profitable for the student.

DanielTaylor, a Redditor, provided an enhancement that gave others the ability to discover that the Bitcoin wallet address was 1HiMoMgBaAikFHgAt3M4YJtetp4HrnsiXu. This quickly brought the image to the Reddit front page, and then it spread quickly from there, across the Bitcoin community.

Grabbing this opportunity to turn one college student’s clever little sign into a massive publicity stunt and free Bitcoin advertising, the community then began sending donations. They starting coming in very quickly, to the point hat 100 transactions that totaled more than 22 bitcoins had been received. As each bitcoin is currently over $1,100, this means that the student has now earned more than $24,000 through his simple barcoded sign, held up in a crowd on game day.

This was a staggering event for many people, including the Bitcoin community. It not only spread the word very rapidly about this service, but the public nature of its transactions allowed everyone to see the number of bitcoins that are associated with a given wallet. Equally, though, it is not possible to actually identify the person who is connected to a given wallet. Though the game was meant to be the main event, it was the QR codes and the donations that were being watched by a growing number of people.

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