QR codes designed for food service released by Tanimura & Antle

QR Codes on food packaging

QR Codes on food packaging


These barcodes help to provide more information about retail produce.

Tanimura & Antle has announced that they have added QR codes to the packaging on their food service products, with their initial printing on their field packed artisan romaine and artisan lettuce cases.

The company has successfully used the barcodes for other purposes in the past.

The grower and shipper is based in Salinas, California, Previously, it has implemented QR codes in order to help consumers find more information about recipes which can include their produce, as well as features that allow the individual to create shopping lists, and to view videos with harvest information.

The latest QR codes are linked to videos about the process used for growing the products and other helpful information.

This time, the QR codes are designed to show specific details regarding the growing process, as well as preparation tips that are specific to the food service industry.

According to the director of marketing at Tanimura & Antle, Diana McClean, “This is an effective way for us to take advantage of real-time technology to help our foodservice partners tell the story of these unique products and their exceptional value and menu versatility to the culinary professional.”

The cases of the artisan romaine and artisan lettuce meant for the food service industry are available year round in 8 pound and 24 count sizes.

Among the other mobile barcodes that the company have used are case labels that are PTI compliant. The Kwikloc iceberg package has QR codes printed on them that allow each head of lettuce to be traced backward. This feature was implemented three years ago and has been successfully maintained throughout that time.

The goal of the most recent QR codes is to inform and engage chefs and food service partners with regards to the products grown and produced by Tanimura & Antle. The videos are specifically created to provide the viewer with a more “behind the scenes” view of the company’s innovative process for growing the produce. It also offers those professionals a number of prep tips that help to demonstrate greater product value.

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