QR codes could replace business cards if Badgetec has its way

qr codes button tags business cards

qr codes button tags business cardsButton tags worn on clothing could change the way that businesspeople exchange contact information.

Smartphones are already becoming a vital part of contact information exchange within the business world, and now Badgetec has unveiled a product based on QR codes that it is hoping will take this trend a step further by replacing business cards with a barcode.

The concept is a combination of business cards and personalized badges that can be scanned by smartphones.

The concept is that the QR codes can be scanned by smartphone users in order to automatically obtain the contact information linked to that barcode. Therefore, instead of having to hand out business cards, the individuals attending a meeting, trade show, event, or even social gathering can simply scan the barcode and automatically store the data. This could make it far easier to obtain and keep track of that information.

QR codes have been added to business cards by many different individuals and companies.

What makes Badgetec’s offering different is that it is not added to a business card. The QR codes would actually replace that card altogether. The product, itself, consists of a round button tag that can be printed onto die-cut sheets by the majority of standard office inkjet and laser printers. Once they have been printed out, the user simply needs to remove the printed tag from its sheet and wear it him or herself, or distribute it to the appropriate individual to wear.

The printed buttons feature QR codes that can be scanned by the majority of business gathering attendees, as the majority of them will have smartphones. The tag can be linked to contact information, but can also include websites, ads, and promotions when scanned. They don’t require plastic holders or pins, but are instead attached with a Contour Clip®. The tag has a slot into which the clip fastens so that it can be attached in a paperclip-like way to a person’s garment.

This makes it safe for all clothing, as it slides onto the edge of the clothing without using adhesives or pins. This design allows the QR codes to be quickly and easily produced for display, but it is also highly affordable, with each button tag costing less than a dime.

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