QR codes could be threatened by up and coming technologies

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine Ads

QR codes in Magazine AdsIf the barcodes aren’t used properly, their use may turn out to be nothing more than a fad.

At the moment, QR codes are used practically everywhere, from mobile marketing to ticket purchasing and everything in between, but with so many new technologies on their way in, these barcodes could be at risk if users are not careful.

Companies need to make sure that the barcodes are used strategically for engaging consumers.

Along with the popularity of QR codes has come a swath of weak and irrelevant campaigns that have used them. Unless careful thought is put into the reason that these quick response barcodes are worked into a mobile commerce effort, consumers could start to feel that scanning them is no longer worth their while.

Weak implementation of QR codes could cause them to be entirely replaced by rival technologies.

Although QR codes are rapidly increasing in their popularity among consumers, those figures could easily plateau and reverse in the near future if care is not taken. The problem is that the technology is far from alone in the marketplace, and as mobile commerce rapidly evolves, new players are continually being added to the channel.

At the moment, the barcodes can be found on product packages, print ads, and may other locations, simply because consumers will actually use them. However, after enough smartphone users have been turned off of the experience because they have found that scanning isn’t worth it, then the novelty risks wearing off and consumers will start to look for something else, instead.

Mike Wehrs, the president and CEO of ScanLife, a mobile engagement firm, has stated that with the thousands of newly published QR codes that are being continually released, there are bound to be some weaker examples, and those could be exceptionally damaging at this emerging stage of their use. It is a typical case of one rotten apple spoiling the bunch. According to Wehrs “Just because you can place a code on something, doesn’t mean you should!” If greater thought is put into their use, then they have far greater chances of having their potential realized.

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