QR codes central to OU mobile ticketing tech

mobile ticketing tickets qr codes

Oklahoma Athletics has revealed that quick response codes will allow fans to use smartphones as tickets.

Among the latest news releases from Oklahoma Athletics is the introduction of a new mobile ticketing system that is designed to allow fans to be able to use QR codes in order to attend events through the use of their smartphones instead of having to rely on printed tickets.

This mobile technology allows game tickets to be displayed on the screen of a smartphone.

The way that it works is that fans with tickets will be able to display them on their smartphone screens so that the QR codes that they contain can be scanned. This verifies that the fan has a genuine ticket and has checked in. It is meant to help to make the experience more convenient for fans, while helping to reduce the risk of counterfeit ticketing, and even of scalping of tickets on game day.

Once tickets have been purchased, digital version including unique QR codes are emailed to the fan.

mobile ticketing tickets qr codesThe mobile tickets are in PDF format and are emailed to the ticket purchaser so that they can be opened through the use of a smartphone. These attachments become a digital version of the tickets and can be used instead of printed versions. This renders a printed copy completely unnecessary.

This removes the requirement for printouts of tickets, saving paper. It also eliminates the risk that tickets could be lost in the mail, and it removes the need to wait in “will call” lines in order to be able to pick the tickets up in person.

All that a fan has to do on game day is hold the special QR codes from the PDF out on the screen of their device. This allows one of the attendants to be able to scan the quick response barcodes and allow the fans to enter. The use of these smartphone friendly barcodes for mobile ticketing purposes is beginning to pick up among events, festivals, and even public transportation systems. The technology being used by Oklahoma Athletics fits in with this trend and is likely to continue being seen among a growing number of ticketing systems.

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