QR codes help CBD company to combat counterfeit products

QR Codes - CBD

As these products become increasingly popular, so have concerns over their quality.

As concerns over highly popular CBD products rise in terms of quality and counterfeits, one company is using QR codes to reassure its customers through information and transparency.

The market is a massive one in the United States, expected to reach a $26 billion market cap in 2026.

Due to the popularity of CBD products in the United States, it is challenging for consumers to spot the difference between quality products and those that could potentially contain hazardous chemicals or be downright fakes. To address these concerns and offer consumers a way to inform themselves, Living Tree Botanicals has chosen QR codes as a way to use limited space on packaging to provide a wealth of information. The barcode on all their products directs consumers to a laboratory report as well as a certificate of authenticity.

QR Codes - Certified Authentic - CBD Products

As a result of the pandemic, quick response codes have become exceptionally commonplace and familiar. This has meant that companies such as Living Tree Botanicals, which have a lot to say, but not a lot of space on packaging in which to say it, can benefit from consumers’ own mobile devices.

The convenient and accessible technology allows people to quickly and easily scan codes on the packaging and learn more about what they will find in each of the brand’s products.

QR codes are already becoming common in the food industry and CBD products can benefit in similar ways.

By using the quick response barcodes, CBD and cannabis products can share information with consumers such as the location of the production and manufacturing, and additional details about the ingredients and their safe use. This is often information that can greatly benefit consumers but that simply does not fit on typical packaging.

QR codes are also particularly beneficial when it comes to CBD and cannabis markets because the rules that apply to them are changing fast and tend to vary from one state to another. By using the barcodes, consumers can obtain update, applicable information without the company’s need to have to change the printed labels on a regular basis in the attempt to keep up. The changes can be made on the digital side.

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