QR codes can be used to connect shoppers with live chat agents

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Now, shopping in store can provide consumers with the same real time support as they would receive online.

TouchCommerce, an online engagement solutions provider, has now unveiled its new TouchStore service, which takes advantage of the use of QR codes to give shoppers in retail stores and who have smartphones the opportunity to be able communicate with live chat agents who can provide additional information about products and promotions.

This is a novel use of quick response codes that blends the online and offline shopping experiences.

Many leading executives in mobile commerce and other experts in smartphone based shopping have expressed that the common belief is that retailers have yet to fully take advantage of the opportunity that these devices have to offer. TouchCommerce is hopeful that its new tool, which uses QR codes, will help retail chains to be able to better exploit their locations and enhance the experience provided to customers who carry their cell phones with them into the stores.

The TouchStore tool allows consumers to scan QR codes or send short code text messages to receive additional support.

qr codes scanConsumers can scan a QRcode and receive a brief explanation of how the live chat functionality works and how it relates to a specific promotion, brand or product. The quick response codes can be read using a smartphone and the scanning feature that links them directly to a live chat agent on the responsive design or mobile optimized website. This service can also be accessed by way of a short code text message.

The agents are either provided by TouchCommerce or are those that are already employed by the brand or retailer and that have received TouchCommerce training in order to be able to provide answers to a customer’s questions about the brand, a specific product, or a promotion that is running in the store. The purpose of this interaction is to be able to provide the consumer with the support of added expertise so that in store sales and conversion rates will increase. This, according to the TouchCommerce chief marketing officer, George Skaff.

Skaff also pointed out that the retailers are also provided with weekly chat analytics reports with regards to the scanning of the QR codes and the use of the text messaging, in order to allow brands and the retailers themselves to be able to pinpoint issues and the opinions of consumers so that the proper changes can be made, when appropriate.

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