QR codes can be quickly scanned by the Xbox One Kinect camera

xbox qr codes

This device has helped Xbox Live players to quickly and easily overcome the tedium of lengthy code entry.

Previous players of Xbox Live Arcade have had to go through the slow and aggravating process of typing in each of the 25 digits to be able to redeem their games, but the system is now capable of scanning QR codes quite easily, eliminating the struggle and tedium associated with that process.

This makes it easier to redeem games, subscriptions to Xbox Live, and other downloadable items.

The next generation of Xbox One consoles are expected to go on sale starting on November 22. The Kinect camera will have the ability to skip the process of entering the 25 digit redemption codes by simply scanning QR codes. This, according to Lary Hryb (“Major Nelson”) of Microsoft. The camera will be able to scan the barcodes that will be located on the membership cards in a process that will take a matter of only seconds.

This scanning of QR codes makes code entry a much more fast, easy, and convenient process.

The process is quite rapid, taking only about two seconds to redeem an XBL code. This technology using QR codes has been around for quite some time and has become quite popular over the last while in marketing to the owners of smartphones. It is, though, completely new when it comes to the use through Xbox. It is expected to be an extremely welcome addition to the community of gamers who have been painstakingly entering lengthy codes throughout the life of Xbox 360.

Hryb gave a video demonstration (posted on the Xbox Twitter feed) which showed that QR codes will be the new standard for the subscription cards. That said, it has not yet been made entirely clear whether the barcodes will be printed on the subscription and download cards. When asked, Xbox Support replied only that “We don’t have that information to share at this time.” It is likely that this answer will come very quickly either right before or at the same time as the latest console’s release for sale to consumers, which is only a few days away.

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